About us

After settling on the family farm in 2007, we only had one goal in mind: to explore this amazing area with our horses and share the experience with kindred spirits. The first three years we spent on the horses: researching bloodlines for temperament and endurance, training tough, bomb-proof trail-horses you could trust not to shy from the tight spots so often encountered in the mountains. Then we explored the landscape, opened ways unridden for years and marked new paths, searching for the unique, hidden and often overlooked gems in the mountains. Finally, our dream was realized: we travelled the mountains with guests.

Whether you want to ride with us for one hour on the farm, or trek across the veld for seven days, we look forward to seeing you at Moria Horseriding!

Hercules and Anieka van Huyssteen:

One of my first memories is sitting in front of my grandfather on his horse. I grew up on a sheep farm, where horses played a crucial part in the day-to-day work. A capable, trustworthy horse was worth a great deal, and to this day our horses still contribute significantly to the work done on the farm. Teaching horses to fit into the team and do what is expected of them is one of my great passions.


Market-days in Kareedouw were always a highlight for me: the horses came to town and for R5 you would be led around the rugby field. Needless to say, no money was spent on candy floss, only on horses. When the opportunity presented to go for riding lessons, I jumped on it and have never looked back. Now I teach kids how to ride and it is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.


Our Horses

Our horse of choice is the SA Boerperd. The roots of the breed are interwoven in the history of South Africa, surviving  around 3.5 centuries peppered with natural and man-made disasters. SA Boerperde are renowned for their sound temperament, bravery, intelligence, endurance, sure-footedness and hardiness. 

Riding in our mountains on these comfortable, steady companions is an unbelievable experience.