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To enjoy the beauty of nature on horseback is an unforgettable experience. You get to places inaccessible to motor vehicles and being outdoor on an animal makes you feel part of the whole ambiance.

We offer outrides tailored to your needs without restriction of age or level of experience.

Choose between a 1, 2 or 3 hours ride in glorious mountain fynbos fields or join us on one of our legendary Baviaans-Trips which takes you from the blue waters of the ocean over mountains and through rivers into the famous Baviaanskloof, from there over more mountains through the beautiful Karoo fields and the Grootriver Canyon back into the Baviaanskloof. A unique way to witness 7 Biomes in 7 days. 


Hier gaan ons! Datums vir die 2017 Baviaans Perderitte! The Real Thing Baviaans (7 dae) 1.-9. April 2017 Int(r)o Baviaans (3 dae) 1.-5. Julie 2017 Klawerblaar Baviaans (5 dae) 8.-14. Julie 2017 Exit(ed) Baviaans (3 dae) 17.-21. Julie 2017 Adrenalien Baviaans (6 dae) 30. September - 7. Oktober 2017 Pryse sal binnekort volg .... Gebruik asb di contact form vir bespreekings / navrae